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Hallucinaliens Hallucinaliens

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


This deserves a waaay higher score. Hahah, I was waiting for it to come out of Under Judgement, because I was sure it'd get like 4.2 at least.

I think some people may have preferred it if it was accompanied by music, but for me it just added to the...'surreal' atmosphere.

I could definitely see this becoming a Brackenwood-esque series.

The backgrounds were beautifully drawn, and the colour choices were wonderful.

The character animation could have been smoother, and I personally don't like the effect that tweening a movie clip loop gives, but I guess it's an efficient method of animation. The stream/waterfall was smooth and impressive, though.

The character animation is the single thing that could have improved this flash, hence the 9/10.

The storyline was interesting, and light hearted whilst portraying a horror movie like situation, haha.
I also loved how you gave the little species names.

All in all I found this to be a very impressive and inspiring little movie.

Looking forward to more, perhaps? I'll check your site for sure.

:: Squirrel Songs IV :: :: Squirrel Songs IV ::

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

That was really good

The song was really catchy, and good to see you again too.


Lovely background, all well drawn and animated..

Marshmallow Collab Marshmallow Collab

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

Good to see

Sorry I fucked up on the leadership and all, glad to see it out.

Really liked Cybermonkeys part.

One thing, where the heck is flashbound's piece? I really like it.

WAR-HEART responds:

flash bound hasent been on in ages he didnt send me it

Rhyming Words Rhyming Words

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


The overall drawing was good, although some frames lacked shading and colour. As graphics incorporates animation, I will give it a good score for graphics, as the animation was very good. Animation went perfectly with the sound, and was synced well.
Great frame by frame animation, and no shitty character animation tweens. Some great morphs.

The shading style was unique, in that it was done with lines varying in density to give the contours. Added points for lack of motion tweening, although there was some shape tweening I think, it could just have been fbf morphing. Unique style that I have never seen anyone else using.

Though I don't think you can really claim added marks for the sound, as you didn't make it, it was a great track, well synced, good quality and went well with the animation. Great selection, good idea for an animation.

There wasn't really much violence, but this is a stupid category that doesn't contribute to the overall score of a submission, therefore not important.

Nice preloader, play and replay buttons. All a non interactive movie needs. No errors that I could find.

Very funny, thanks to the sound. Very humorous song, catchy and pretty random, in a funny way. You captured movement and lyrics in the song which made it that much more funny.
Although admittedly not laugh out loud humour, it was consistently amusing in its own way. Lots of marks for this.
Liked very much the part where the man was screaming at the cat, and then came out of his 'trance' into realisation, "sorry" - funniest part for me.

Overall a fun, well made and entertaining submission, the best I have ever seen by you. Deserves a very high score, and I'm sure it will achieve it. Hopefully an award too, and maybe frontpage :D.

Lord-Sonx responds:

thanx for the huge review. although you forgot to even mention the bsdie it's still a detailed review of very well done....-ness..

glad you enjoyed the mvoei and thanx yet again for the review.

Shoo Fly Shoo Fly

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Amazing Short

This was a really amazing movie, it combined excellent animation, great sound synchronisation, and a fun plot.

Graphics - The graphics were basically what this movie was about. They maintained an immense amount of quality, while remaining consistent, and were twinned with fantastic animation. Second to none. Animation and Graphics combined, this really deserved more than a ten. If only.

Style - Well the style was obviously slightly far east, which is nice. It definitely had style, but what style it had was nothing you cannot see in other submissions. In other words; not too original, but interesting.

Sound - Perfect. Excellently co-ordinated and synced with the animation, the sound was obviously not added to the movie when it was nearly finished, the graphics and animation was done to sync with the movie. Which means you planned it well, and you had an amazing result. The music really adds to the animation, without it, it wouldn't be the movie it is.

Violence - This movie was based around violence I suppose, so it gets a good score for violence, seeing as it was well animated and executed. Logic, innit. Only thing I might have liked to have seen is the fly getting squashed...or swatted :).

Interactivity - Obviously the movie didn't have much interactivity, but it didn't need it, it was an animation...not a game or quiz. Then again there was the windows media player bar, which was great. I havn't often had the option to scroll through a flash movie using navigational progress bar, but it made it a lot more interesting, being able to view sections over and over again without restarting it. It also had a reliable code, so you get a fairly good mark here for reliability and comfort.

Humour - Well not much humour, but it certainly as a humorous - or light hearted - kind of air about it, a woman getting so wound up about a fly, to the extent of spending her time chasing it around trying to kill it :). Yes, there was some humour, but not enough to warrant a mark above 5.

Overall, this was a fantastically animated, short masterpiece. It has everything going for it and certainly deserves it's score and rank in the top 50.

I really hope you are planning to make more...although I realise just how old this is now. Anyway, viewing this was a very pleasurable experience, and I will be sure to add it to my favourites, and you to my favourite authors.

Thankyou for making this masterpiece :).

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littleFoot littleFoot

Rated 5 / 5 stars

Tecnically and Emotionally Amazing

Graphics - Were amazing. I don't think anyone can deny that when it comes to LittleFoot there is nothing superior in terms of graphics and amazing scenic landscapes. Grass foreground was very well done, all animation was great, fantastic characters.

Style - I've heard people describe your style as; "Too Disney", well if there is a Disney film that maintains 2D animation of this quality throughout, I would love to see it. Because I don't believe such a ting can exist.

Sound - Perfect, all sound effects fitted there situation perfectly, all music was atmospheric and had good timing. I'm very glad you didn't use a soundtrack throughout, as I feel that would have ruined the atmosphere and emotion this movie has. As I feel in the Yuyu, the sequel, the music spoilt the calm, and seems like it was at too fast-a-tempo for you to animate decently to. Although you still did an amazing job.

Violence - Well Bitey was menacing, and there was the obvious encouter at the end of the movie, but other than that not too much violence. Not like that matters tough, in fact I might see it as a good thing.

Interactivity - There was little interactivity present in this movie, but what there was had well executed code, and was consistent. I had no errors or faults and the navigation bar was extremely useful.

Humour - Well I must say I really laughed my ass off at some of this. Particularly the parts where Littlefoot fell down the hill, and where Bitey was hit by the rock that Littlefoot threw. Again, there was not all that much humour, and the movie was definitely not based primarily on it, but what was there was of the highest quality.

Overall this was an amazing submission, everything in it was extraordinary in comparison to the average movies submitted to the portal. This movie is perfect in every way, and contains absolutely everything required to make a great flash.

No wonder this is a classic. And to be honest, The Yuyu has nothing on this.

I look forward to WaterLollies. Thanks.

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The Black Bird 3 The Black Bird 3

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Great visuals and graphics, especially on the building and the guy who was carrying the black bird, but the animation was often a bit simple and I didn't like the motion tweens - or the amount of them.

Your style...I suppose it was the black and white and japanese(?) stuff that made me like the style.

Sound was very good, nice and clear, and good non-intrusive music.

Anything this movie loses is made up by being as long as it is, and as good graphically as it is.

I don't usually review under judgement flash's, but I saw this had no reviews and it didn't seem fair for a flash of such greatness XD

Sorry for not writing more.

New Numa: The Animation New Numa: The Animation

Rated 4 / 5 stars

Not as good as the last.

While this was great - as all you're animation is, it seemed lacking, and not as good as the last one.
The animation wasn't as good as usual, the movement was a bit jerky and the motion tweening got on my nerves, I think you should have done more of the animation frame by frame.
The graphics were great still, the cartoonising of real people, without exaggerated features was great, you have a true talent for it. However I feel there should have been more shading and tone in a lot of the drawings.
The sound was very well recorded and clear, but didn't sound much like Gary Brolsma, and the song was great, but that wasn't your doing.
The movie was very similar to the actual New numa video, apart from the begining - which no offence, but wasn't very humorous in my opinion.

Like the actual New numa video, I don't imagine this will take off like the first, but is still a great animation.

Dustball responds:

Thanks for your feedback. I'm really surprised that several people have commented on the animation quality and using tweens. I seriously didn't use ANY tweens in the animation apart from the hand picking up the phone, and the arm lifting the "Gray Poop On". That's all! It's all just sitll drawings that move around, and if you compare, this one has super nice animation compared to my American Idle animation. That really didn't have any animation in it at all, just a couple still poses from the characters. The most interesting thing about that one, I think, was the moving backgrounds, which is all tweens. You'll notice I have never done fbf animation, ever! (rotoscoping doesn't count) Also, compare the art from American Idle to this one, it's seriously a thousand times cleaner and nicer. I think it's just the boring subject matter of this one that seems to drain the excitement out of it. The stage of American Idol is certainly a lot more fun that a guy's bedroom! Oh and about hte begining, it wasn't really supposed to be funny, it was just setting up the video, and the reason I had the guy on the phone say what he did, was that that was EXACTLY some of the things Gary's manager told me on the phone about the new video before they made it! Really, it was crazy! Hope that clears some stuff up for you. :)

Amateur Minute 4 Amateur Minute 4

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


Haha, this is a great series, funny as hell and great graphics.

Horse looks slightly more horsey this time aswell:)

Lord-Sonx responds:


Amateur Minute 3 Amateur Minute 3

Rated 5 / 5 stars


Best voice acting I've heard in a long time, and very good animation.

Horse doesn't look like a Horse though, and that makes me mad.

Lord-Sonx responds:

horse looks less horsey:(
oh well